Wine Tasting Tips Everyone Should Know

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If you’ve ever been wine tasting, you know that there are a few rules to the craft. For some, it’s a simple taste and a quick move on to the next flavor. For others, it’s a complete judgement contest of the aroma and qualities the wine possesses. Wine is an incredibly healthy beverage (in moderate quantities). Going wine tasting can be fun, but also healthy for that same reason.

Here are some tips and etiquette everyone should know when wine tasting:

What NOT to Do When Wine Tasting:

There are a few things you should avoid when tasting wine.

  • Make sure to wait until everyone has finished their sample before making any comments on the wine. It’s important not to influence others’ opinions on the flavor. Allow everyone to make his or her own decision before expressing yours.
  • Avoid wearing any heavy aromas the day of your wine tasting. This may take away the smell of the wine you’re tasting.
  • Don’t consume irresponsibly. Make sure to consume at your own pace and be prepared to have a desginated driver.

What TO DO When Wine Tasting:

Tasting wine a simple process, though there are a few basic tips to know when test-tasting:

  • Make sure to use a clean glass each time. Wineries will often provide you with a sampling glass, and also clean it between tastes.
  • To view the wine’s color, be sure to hold the glass up against some light or a white wall to examine.
  • Always swirl the wine glass prior to sniffing the aroma of the wine. This allows the wine to “breathe” for a moment and release the smell.
  • Before swallowing the wine, allow it to sit in your mouth for a few seconds.
  • Consider any thoughts you might have on the wine itself, and don’t forget to ask the host about the particular wine you are tasting. That’s what they are there for.

Wine tasting is a unique experience–one that everyone should try at least once. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Winery staff is helpful and there for guidance and to answer any questions you may have. They talk with you about anything from the wine-making process to the various types of ingredients in each wine.

About the Author: Paula is a guest contributor from Wine Country Inn, a Napa Valley bed and breakfast right in the heart of Wine Country–perfect for a wine-tasting adventure.