Why Pedaling around Town is the Best Way to Travel

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There are plenty of reasons as to why bike riding is the way to go in today’s society. Bike riding is one of the best forms of exercise for your body, as it puts little impact on your joints. It isn’t weight bearing so you can often bike no matter what your aches and pains are during running or walking. It also helps the environment, cutting down on car exhaust that is released into the air. Cycling is also a great way to increase your exercise if you are out of shape. With cycling being less impactful than running or walking, individuals can bike further than they could walk/run. This encourages people to stick with the activity, motivating them to continue and making them feel good about themselves.

Even though bike riding is excellent exercise, it doesn’t always have to be viewed as such. If the thought of setting out on a bike ride every day is overwhelming to you, try incorporating it into your daily lifestyle instead. If you live close to work, try bike riding to work a few times a week. This ensures that you’ll get your exercise in since you have to go to work, and will wake you up more than caffeine by starting your day off right with exercise. You can also take this thought process into account with biking to local stores if you only have small things to pick up and other places around town. This way, you are still exercising while getting your daily tasks done.

Another way to increase your cycling is by finding a biking tour of a new city. Many cities offer self-guided or group tours on bikes around town. Cities both big and small offer this tour option, giving you the chance to get on a bike no matter where you are. New York City offers biking tours and rentals that allow you to see all the sights quicker than walking all the way across the island. You can cut down on transportation time while still being outside instead of stuck in a cab or subway. Small towns also offer excellent bike rental services. Many towns offer paths specifically for biking, such as the Hocking Hills cycling routes. With varying levels of difficulty, any cyclist can find a path fit for their skill level. If you choose to venture out onto the trails of Ohio, you can choose an inn to stay at to complete your getaway. The Hocking Hills Cabins offer distinct character right in the middle of nature close to some of the best biking trails in the area. You can find deals like this all across the country, encouraging visitors to view towns by bike instead of car. This helps keep the air clean in these smaller towns as well as encourages healthy lifestyles and unique tourism experiences.