Weight Management Tips for Winter

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Today, weight gain is almost synonymous with the holiday season. Between excessive holiday parties featuring good food and alcohol everywhere you turn and colder weather keeping you bundled up inside, it’s easy to see where the weight gain can come from. Now, this isn’t saying you should avoid all sweets this holiday season, but by following a few extra tips, you could cut down on some of that weight gain and keep you one step closer to that summer body all year round.

  1. Never Go To a Party Hungry

With a wide variety of delicious, calorie-heavy foods at parties, it’s common to not eat before you go to save room for all these treats. Instead, try to eat healthy foods at home before you go. You can save a little bit of room for some of those holiday favorites that will be served, but by eating before you go, you’ll only be trying a few things as opposed to eating all unhealthy snacks. Drink water before you go as well. Arriving thirsty will prompt you to order an alcoholic beverage, adding even more calories to the party. Limiting your calorie and alcohol intake is a lot easier when you aren’t already hungry and thirsty.

  1. Holiday Foods Aren’t Just For the Holidays

Many people eat holiday foods as if they aren’t able to get them the rest of the year. When that special casserole comes onto the table that you love, have a helping, but don’t go overboard because you think you can’t have it any other time. Remember that you can make these foods for other occasions. This mindset will allow you to still eat what you want, but without overdoing it and having too many servings.

  1. Exercise

I know, it is cold outside and that makes it harder to run, but that doesn’t mean you have to cut out all exercise from your diet. Try incorporating simple ways of exercising into your day such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or taking a walk at lunch. Despite the cold air, making sure you’re able to get in exercise will help with your weight management plan. If you do choose to run, make sure you take extra precautions in the cold weather. If you do end up splurging at a holiday party, just try to incorporate a little extra exercise for the next week. Slip ups happen, as does tempting good food, and its ok to have those. Exercise will keep you on track instead of setting you back with the extra calories.

About the Author: Mary is a guest contributor from The Center for Optimal Health, specializing in a variety of services including weight management, musculoskeletal wellness and mental well-being.