Weight Loss Tips, Part 2

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We’re back with Part 2 of the weight loss tips!

Distribute your calories evenly over the day. Traditionally Americans skip breakfast or have an unhealthy one, have a decent sized lunch, and a big dinner. Rapid weight loss diet studies show that this is horribly inefficient and promotes fat creation. Think about your activity level throughout the day. Typically you are burning most of your calories during the day, not at night. That is when your body needs to be fueled, not at night before going to bed. To fuel your rapid weight loss plan eat smaller meals frequently throughout the day; instead of 3 try for 6. Keep in mind the keyword here is smaller and healthy meals.

Avoid smoothies & sodas. While they taste great, they tend to load you up on sugar and give you minimal benefits. Eat your fruit fresh instead of drinking it, and stay away from soda which is just an empty calorie laden drink.

Exercise regularly. If you can join a gym and make yourself go regularly you will be on a much better path to your rapid weight loss plan. However if you have some concern or fear of commitment to joining a gym, or maybe you just don’t want to pay for it, try to get exercise in other ways. Wake up early and go for a 15 minute walk around the block. You may find you enjoy this quite time while also getting some exercise in. Try to get active during the day as well. If you work and are given a lunch break, go to a park or even just walk around the parking lot if you can. Even an extra 15 minutes of walking each day can add up to big results over time.

Find a support group or get friends to join you. It’s proven that people who have support groups and or friends supporting them will experience better results with their rapid weight loss plan. The reason is because you will at some point hit a brick wall where you feel you can’t go on with the diet and exercise. This support group will be there to encourage you to continue to stick to the plan. In this way you’ll find yourself less likely to sneak unhealthy snacks, skip the gym, or break the diet for a few days when you have people who are cheering for you to lose the weight.

By following these rapid weight loss tips, you will be able to achieve your desired rapid weight loss plan. If you have trouble following all of these tips at once, start off by following a few of them. Once you are able to incorporate them into your routine and it is habit, adopt a few more and work on forming a habit those. This way you will be on the path to a sustainable rapid weight loss diet that will yield you those results you have been looking for.