Weekly Health Tidbits: Obesity and Sleep

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With over 9 million children in our country alone being considered obese and overweight, the right people are starting to take notice. Hopefully the right people do the right thing, and start making some positive changes to this epidemic. 300,000 deaths a year in that range are due to that obesity, clearly it’s time.

One idea continually being tossed around, and I hope it works, is using educational computer games that targets children aged 3-8, that is a fun, interactive, and entertaining way for them to learn the importance of healthy eating, and the need to stay active.

The educational video games help children distinguish between junk food and fruits and vegetables, and shows them why they are picking the latter. Furthermore, by using cartoons, games, and entertainment, it makes them actually want to continue doing it. You know, I applaud the idea, and hope it works…anything anyone is doing to actually try to put a dent in this problem, is good to me; so kudos.

TitaniumChef is one example of such a game, and more information about it is found in this article.


I know that I like this tidbit and I imagine everyone else will too! Researchers have found that in a healthy lifestyle, getting more sleep is JUST as important as eating healthy and exercising daily. Wait, so we get to sleep more? The answer is yes.

At any rate, researchers found that people getting less than optimal amounts of sleep each night experienced a noticeable decline in hormonal activity as well as metabolic activity. Lower metabolic activity means that your body is not burning off the calories and fat as efficiently as it could be.

Not only does it affect that, it also raises your risk of obesity AND heart attacks…so, moral time, keep eating healthy, keep exercising, but make SURE you get at least 8 hours of sleep each and every night…That, I think you can handle.