Vegan and Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Mendocino, CA

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Mendocino is a tourist destination year round. Despite its small size, it has a lot to offer, with everything from tourist attractions to great food. Looking for healthy eating options on vacation? Mendocino has quite a few restaurants and cafes that carry healthy options and pride themselves in catering to their guests.

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, or simply wish to try these types of dishes, these restaurants specialize in offering a vareity of food assortments to cater to any guest. Whether its a simple salad you’d prefer or a meal with non-dairy cheese, these diners and restaurants can make any meal worth your while (and healthy, too).

Ravens’ Restaurant – Vegan
This restaurant has vegan, American, Italian, and organic gormet cuisine. It has a fine dining experience and it opened in Mendocino in 1996. It maintains its own organic garden to serve with its meals. It serves all kinds of vegan cuisine featuring house-made bread with local ingredients like olive oil, roasted beet salad, personal isze pizzetta, eggplant cannelloni, and grilled portabella flatbread. The menu also includes vegan desserts, like Ravens’ chocolate tart and pecan torte.

Frankie’s – Vegetarian
While this restaurant serves meat in some of its dishes, it’s also very vegetarian-friendly with a variety of options. It caters to vegans as well. The restaurant will serve up vegan pizzas if requested, using Daiya cheese, which is a dairy-free product. The sauce and dough used in their pizzas area already vegan. Other dishes include vegan lasagna with rice noodles and cocnut bliss bars for dessert.

Goodlife Cafe and Bakery – Vegetarian
The cuisine of Goodlife is very similar to Ravens’ Restaurant. With a vegan-friendly atmosphere, serving organic food, this is a healthy, simple, and inexpensive option for any tourist. The small cafe offers coffee, organic pastries, and delicious breakfast and lunch. There are many vegetarian options available.

About the Author: Quinn is a guest contributor from The Inns of Glendeven, offering vacation rentals located in Mendocino, California.