Variety in Exercise Routines

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This post is about an age-old question we’ve all wondered at some point…does variety matter in our exercise routine, or if we find one way of working out, should we stick to it? Well, the short version of an answer is this: It depends.

Depends on what, you may ask? It depends on why you’re working out, what your goals are, and well, if you’re bored or not. If you’re working out primarily to control your weight, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, burning calories is the goal, and how those are burned doesn’t matter. You could be jogging, walking on a treadmill, or riding a bike. If you are getting bored, however, and starting to lag on your workouts or hit plateaus, then yes, variety is important.

Now, variety does have a benefit; changing your exercise routine also works out different areas of your body. You can get a cardio exercise as well as one that is more resistance based. You know what the beauty is, if you do hydraulic resistance circuit training, you get all the benefits of a variety exercise, in one setting. If you go to a gym that has lots of equipment, boredom will never be a problem as you work your way through the circuit; plus, your body will get the best workout possible adapting to a full body workout with a variety of equipment. How perfect is that?

Either way, as long as you’re out getting some exercise, you’re doing well for yourself. If you’re not, or keep making excuses, get up off your cheap office furniture and go workout! Variety or not, your body will thank you.