Tips For Summer Diet Weight Loss

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Summer time is for vacations, festivals, camping, holidays, and cookouts. Whether you live in a place where there is sunshine all year or snow for 6 months, the summer is a time for everyone to relax and enjoy. But what do you do if your on diet or trying to lose weight? Sometimes will power alone can’t help you resist a s’more or a wheat beer. Here are some helpful tips on eating healthy this summer without missing out on summer fun.

Don’t Be Afraid to Grill Out:

The temptation during a grill-out for Father’s Day or 4th of July is to eat red meat until your summer is sore. But what if you don’t want to be that “person” who brings veggie burgers or only eats the salad? Instead of tempting yourself with a steak, burger, and hot dog bring your own lean cut of chicken to slap on the grill. And if you want to really impress your friends, use a healthy and unique marinade for you chicken on the grill.

Avoid the Summer Veggie Dishes:

Yes, summer is the time for fresh produce and farmer’s markets galore. Everyone may have veggie fever, but be wary of special vegetable dishes. Covering vegetables with high sodium dressings, cream cheese, sour cream and more cheese are going to do more damage than help your diet. Even coating corn on the cob with butter and salt is a dangerous game when it comes to veggies in the summer time.

Beer Is OK:

There’s a lot of fuss about beer calories as some of the worst calories for you. But this summer don’t be afraid to crack open a few, just be selective in the type of beer. The big name light beers on the market are okay to have but for the beer lover that wants something with a little more flavor here are a few craft beers that are healthy to have this summer (but always in moderation).

There ARE Healthy Dessert Options:

Pies, cookies, s’mores, cake, and candy all stack up to be an intimidating temptation throughout the summer. But instead of saying “no” a thousand times to your grandma’s pie, research for healthier dessert options to bring to the summer gathering. There are numerous healthy dessert options for summertime and even numerous s’more alternatives┬áto cook on the campfire.

Remember to be creative, use your resources, and remain convicted to live and eat healthy this summer. If you want more help with diet and exercise try signing up for a clinical weight loss program.