The Top Five Reasons Why Wine is Better Than Beer

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In public opinion, wine is considered a drink tailored to the wealthy, or the aloof, while beer is usually looked upon as the drink of the common people. Because of this, wine seems to get the short end of the stick in many of the contemporary ‘wine vs. beer’ debates. But, if you examine closer, wine actually tops beer in many different ways. Listed below are just five of the most important reasons why wine is better than beer:

Wine Is Better For Your Health

Both beer and wine offer advantages to drinkers that they will not get from drinking distilled liquors. While it is true that beer-drinking guards you against cancer, boosts the effect of vitamins and reduces your risk of osteoporosis, wine has been proven to be a healthier alternative.

This was discussed in a 1991 episode of the television program, 60 Minutes. A multi-year study concluded that the French have far fewer heart problems than similar-aged Americans, and this discrepancy was attributed to red wine consumption. This is because red wine is high in a substance called tannin which contains procyanidins that the body uses to protect itself from heart disease.

In addition, those who moderately consume wine are 50% less likely to suffer from strokes and 30% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes compared to the general population. There are no similar statistics with regard to beer consumption.

Wine Is Less Likely To Increase Your Weight

It can be said that not all wines and beers have the same amount of calories, however the majority of wines have fewer calories and carbohydrates overall. One whole bottle of white wine typically averages approximately 750 calories, while an equally light ale averages about 900 calories per six pack.

Also, a typical serving of wine is an approximately half-filled wine glass, which weighs in at 180 calories and 19.3 carbs, while an average serving of beer in a pint glass tips the scales at 214 calories and 22.4 carbs.

Wine Is Much More Sexy And Romantic

Wine has a sophisticated air about it, and drinking it can be quite debonair in the right circumstances. Just picture going out on a first date in an exquisite restaurant and eating a gourmet meal by candlelight. Can you picture the beverage of choice at this gathering to be a six pack of cold ones, or a chilled chardonnay? Almost everyone would choose the latter.

Wine Is Often Less Expensive

Sometimes, however, the sexy image that wine portrays can be problematic. After all, movies and wine magazines tend to exaggerate wine’s image as a wealthy person’s beverage of choice. On top of that, the media bombards us with stories about exorbitant five-figure wines sold at auction. However, these portrayals are not entirely accurate.

Though there are several high-priced wines on the market, it is quite simple to find many great labels between $5 and $10 a bottle at your local liquor store. Whereas, a typical six-pack of beer costs about $15.

But that’s not all. At a price point of $5, a 750 ml bottle of wine contains approximately four glasses of wine, or four servings at about $1.25 a piece. Let’s put that in perspective. That would mean six servings, would cost a measly $7.50, or nearly half the price of a six-pack of beer.

Wine Has A Higher Alcohol Content By Volume

Interestingly enough, it still takes a bottle and a half of beer to equal the alcohol in a 6 oz glass of a typical wine. That’s because wine has a much higher alcohol by volume (ABV) then most beers.

In general, an average beer has approximately 3.5 – 7% ABV, while a typical glass of wine contains 8 – 13% ABV. But, remember, these are just averages. There are many beers and wines with higher ABV ratios, but, most of the time, a glass of wine will pack more of a punch than the same amount of beer (and do it more immediately, too).

For all these reasons, wine proves to be a better drink than beer. That is why many people in the younger generation are now giving wine the chance that their parents and grandparents never did – the chance to become the world’s number one beverage of choice.

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