The FingerReader, a Life Changing Tech Innovation

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The next innovation in technology is not a fancy smartphone, robotic mouse, or app that makes you coffee, it’s something a little more influential. Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a device that can helped visually impaired people read.

The FingerReader is a prototype device from MIT that allows the visually impaired to text through a camera and speaking device. The device has a ring-type shape and is placed on the person’s finger so they can physically read. By tracking the text with the finger, the FingerReader has a camera that actually visually interpret the words and then the information is immediately spoken in a computer voice.

The FingerReader allows visually impaired people to actively read text anywhere. This means books, papers, restaurant menus and even electronic devices can all be read by people with all various levels visually impairment severity. The FingerReader even has technology that will tell the subject if they’ve started to “read” of course.

Although the FingerReader is only in a prototype stage, the makers believe that it can be brought to market soon. This will open up more freedoms for visually impaired to feel more comfortable in public and provide normalcy.

This is a technology innovation that should be celebrated and encouraged. Although it doesn’t solve scientific problems with vision, it allows people that are struggling a way to feel more connected with things of this world. This is a similar product to pool lifts, which allow handicapped and injured people to enjoy swimming pools. Companies like Global Lift are providing a way for disabled people to enjoy the pleasures of life that many take for granted.

Hopefully new inventions like the FingerReader will continue to emerge and be acclaimed in the public eye. These are the ideas that are helping people. The new iPhone can wait.