The Benefits of Farm-to-Table Cooking

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It isn’t very often that we see people grow their own food, harvest it, and then cook it. For those who do practice a farm-to-table method of cooking, it’s a lot healthier than the food we buy at the store. When you go to the store to buy ingredients, a lot of packaged meats, vegetables, and other ingredients go through a process to make it to the store. The process of farm-to-table refers to the production stages of food: harvesting, storage, processing, packaging, sales, and consumption. However, some restaurants have adopted the stages altogether–simply purchasing their produce directly from farmers or growing their own food and cooking with the fresh produce.

Some home cooks have even started the farm-to-table process–buying their produce through local farmers or growing it themselves. Here is why adopting the farm-to-table movement can be a healthy alternative to other ways of cooking:

Guaranteed Fresh Food

Cooking farm-to-table does one thing that not many other ways of cooking can do: guarantee freshness. Once a vegetable or fruit is harvested, it’s sent right to the kitchen to be cleaned and steamed. Foods that don’t go through the processing method or at the very least, go through a small amount, are a lot healthier than foods that do. They have a lot more nutrients, fresh qualities, and are more safe than processed foods. Freshness will ensure that no chemicals have gotten on your food either. No processing, no problem.

You Can Help Out Local Farms

If you don’t have your own way of growing and harvesting food, the nice thing about farm-to-table is helping out farmers locally. It not only helps them out economically, you also get to take advantage of some of the freshest veggies in town. It’s a win-win situation.

Better Tasting Food

As a kid, you may not have liked veggies, but actually, fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats are very tastey. Fresh produce provides more flavor than produce that has been processed and enhanced in a variety of ways. When it’s picked direcly from the ground, you’re guaranteed a delicious homecooked meal.

About the Author: James is a guest contributor from The Table, a #1 restaurant in Edenton, North Carolina with delicious farm-to-table breakfast, lunch, and dinner.