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How to Keep Thin at Thanksgiving

Most people’s diets are sabotaged during Thanksgiving. When the table is filled with the traditional Thanksgiving feast, it’s just futile to resist the urge to splurge! This year satisfy your cravings without packing on the pounds. You won’t feel guilty and depressed afterwards, and it’s also good for your overall health. Besides, won’t it be hard to go back to your ideal weight when the damage is done? Here are some great tips from experts on how to be guilt-free this holiday season.

7 Great Activities for a Healthy Heart

Like the other muscles in our body, the heart also needs a good workout to stay strong and healthy. Being physically active can also reduce calories, lower your blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol, and boost good cholesterol. That’s why people who exercise and get on their feet are less likely to get coronary heart diseases than those who don’t.

Health Benefits of Swimming

If you are not fond of sweating it out in the gym but still want a good workout, then swimming might just be right for you. Swimming is a low-impact, low-cost activity and having this as a routine exercise will gain you plenty of health and mental benefits.

All About the Most Important Meal of the Day

Doctors have advised time and time again to eat breakfast because we need the energy and nutrients it brings to start our day. Plus, studies show that having breakfast can actually help to maintain a healthy body weight. That’s because hunger sets in before lunchtime and we tend to munch on something high in fat and sugar, causing us to eat unhealthily and gain unwanted pounds. Besides, having breakfast increases our concentration so we can devote our minds and bodies to work or school. 

Degenerative Disc Disease: Is Laser Spine Surgery an Option?

As we age, our bones start to weaken and we tend to experience more pain in the back and neck areas. Vertebral fractures and other disc-related problems start to appear, especially for people over the age of 35. Back pain and injury is also attributed to the kind of lifestyle we live. For example, frequent lifting of heavy items can lead to spine problems. All of these back-related symptoms are indicative of the degenerative disc disease.

Weight Loss Tips, Part 1

There are many factors to consider when choosing and implementing a rapid weight loss plan. The first question you need to ask yourself is, is this a sustainable plan? Meaning, will I be able to stick to it after I start it? Any diet plan can take some time to see results, and if you do not have the motivation, dedication, and impatience to see it through you will never see results with any weight loss plan.

The next question to ask is if you have the information you need to achieve the results and be successful. While only you can help answer that first question, there is help on the second. Following are a number of  weight loss tips that will help you achieve results with your rapid weight loss plan.