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5 Reasons Why Skiing is Great Exercise

Let’s face it. The winter season can make you feel like you’re in a slump. Both mentally, and physically. That’s why it’s important to keep up your exercise routine, even when it’s cold outside. Skiing is a great way to get your workout in while having fun. Gorgeous mountain views are just another added bonus. Whether it is cross-country skiing, or downhill, you’re guaranteed to have fun and burn calories doing it. Here are five reasons why skiing is a great form of exercise.

Weight Management Tips for Winter

Today, weight gain is almost synonymous with the holiday season. Between excessive holiday parties featuring good food and alcohol everywhere you turn and colder weather keeping you bundled up inside, it’s easy to see where the weight gain can come from. Now, this isn’t saying you should avoid all sweets this holiday season, but by following a few extra tips, you could cut down on some of that weight gain and keep you one step closer to that summer body all year round.

Tips For Summer Diet Weight Loss

Summer time is for vacations, festivals, camping, holidays, and cookouts. Whether you live in a place where there is sunshine all year or snow for 6 months, the summer is a time for everyone to relax and enjoy. But what do you do if your on diet or trying to lose weight? Sometimes will power alone can’t help you resist a s’more or a wheat beer. Here are some helpful tips on eating healthy this summer without missing out on summer fun.

Promoting Weight Loss with Nuts

Nuts can contain significant amount of nutrients, which include healthy fats and proteins that are good for your diet and weight loss program. A number of weight loss programs include use of nuts in form of staple foods. However, before including nuts into your weight loss diet plan, you must be aware of the nuts that help in promoting weight loss. All nuts are not beneficial for people looking to lose weight. Besides, you must also know the right way of having nuts for attaining weight loss goals.

If you are looking to cut off the excess pounds, never consume nuts containing added flavors and salts; these nuts contain unhealthy amount of sodium and are also high in calories.

Women’s Health and Bone Health Studies

In the past two weeks, the federally funded Women’s Health Initiative (a kind of 21st century Framingham Study) has published two studies, which have tipped the medical apple cart.

One study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, called into question the benefit of a low fat diet. Over an 8-year period, post menopausal women aged 50 to 79 were either placed on a supervised low fat diet or maintained on a regular diet. The study found that there were no differences in cancer rates or cardiovascular disease rates between the two groups. In addition, the study found that women who were on a high carb diet did not have increased blood glucose or triglyceride levels (with apologies to Dr. Atkins). What do I think of these findings?

Weight Loss Tips, Part 2

We’re back with Part 2 of the weight loss tips!

Distribute your calories evenly over the day. Traditionally Americans skip breakfast or have an unhealthy one, have a decent sized lunch, and a big dinner. Rapid weight loss diet studies show that this is horribly inefficient and promotes fat creation. Think about your activity level throughout the day. Typically you are burning most of your calories during the day, not at night. That is when your body needs to be fueled, not at night before going to bed. To fuel your rapid weight loss plan eat smaller meals frequently throughout the day; instead of 3 try for 6. Keep in mind the keyword here is smaller and healthy meals.

Weight Loss Tips, Part 1

There are many factors to consider when choosing and implementing a rapid weight loss plan. The first question you need to ask yourself is, is this a sustainable plan? Meaning, will I be able to stick to it after I start it? Any diet plan can take some time to see results, and if you do not have the motivation, dedication, and impatience to see it through you will never see results with any weight loss plan.

The next question to ask is if you have the information you need to achieve the results and be successful. While only you can help answer that first question, there is help on the second. Following are a number of  weight loss tips that will help you achieve results with your rapid weight loss plan.