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Degenerative Disc Disease: Is Laser Spine Surgery an Option?

As we age, our bones start to weaken and we tend to experience more pain in the back and neck areas. Vertebral fractures and other disc-related problems start to appear, especially for people over the age of 35. Back pain and injury is also attributed to the kind of lifestyle we live. For example, frequent lifting of heavy items can lead to spine problems. All of these back-related symptoms are indicative of the degenerative disc disease.

Women’s Health and Bone Health Studies

In the past two weeks, the federally funded Women’s Health Initiative (a kind of 21st century Framingham Study) has published two studies, which have tipped the medical apple cart.

One study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, called into question the benefit of a low fat diet. Over an 8-year period, post menopausal women aged 50 to 79 were either placed on a supervised low fat diet or maintained on a regular diet. The study found that there were no differences in cancer rates or cardiovascular disease rates between the two groups. In addition, the study found that women who were on a high carb diet did not have increased blood glucose or triglyceride levels (with apologies to Dr. Atkins). What do I think of these findings?