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Laser Spine Surgery – An Option For Scoliosis Sufferers?

People who suffer from scoliosis typically don’t notice it until it’s too late. Unfortunately, the spinal curvature can be pretty severe before people realize what’s going on. Aside from a noticeable spinal curve, people with scoliosis may notice that their shoulders and hips are uneven. Untreated, the spine may begin to twist as well causing severe back pain and problems with breathing.

A history of limited options

In the past those who suffered from S or C shaped spinal curvatures didn’t have much of a choice with their treatment options. The go to procedure was an open spine fusion surgery. This is and was a complex procedure which involved large incisions (and the resultant scars) , removal of substantial portions of the spine and replacing it with cumbersome (and bulky) devices. This procedure is intensive and the recovery for patients was long and difficult. Unfortunately, the choice for patients was essentially between further discomfort and deteriorating health or the fusion surgery.

Spring Allergies

I just went on a nice long walk through the park, and it’s very clear that spring is here. You know why? Because I can’t breathe through my nose anymore. The allergens are out in full bloom.

This is the time of year when many people schedule an appointment with their family doctor for an allergy evaluation. It turns out that most patients that go in to see their physician do not, in fact, have allergies, but respiratory tract infections. It seems that the word on the street is that most everyone is prone to allergies to an extent, especially during certain times of the year.  It is an understandable thought, with all the trees in bloom and the tree pollen counts greater than they ever are in the whole year.