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Big Data Could Save Your Life

Healthcare companies have turned to Big Data and analytics in order to improve the quality of their services and lower overall operating costs. More efficient use of patient information could lead to lower operating costs, and the money saved could be redirected towards new research and treatments. Big Data is useful in many applications, but this is one in particular that could use a huge overhaul with the help of data and analytics.

Best Jobs of 2014

After reading reports from MSN Money, Business Insider, and US News and World Reports, we have created a list of nine of the best jobs to pursue this year. They were chosen for having a good combination of projected job openings, good salaries, job security, and a good work-leisure balance. Read on to learn more about some of the best jobs of 2014 (not listed in any particular order)!

  1. Software developer: These are the people responsible for today’s most popular iOS and Android apps! You can thank them for getting you addicted to Flappy Bird or Candy Crush Saga. In addition to application developers, US News and World Reports says that software developers can also focus on building entire operating systems (as opposed to the apps/programs that run within the operating systems).
  2. Web developer: This job includes the men and women who make sure your company’s website looks sleek and modern instead of outdated and frumpy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that this is one of the fastest-growing careers on the market, with a projected growth of 20% in the next eight years.

Food Jobs for the Food Lovers

Before a warm, delicious meal makes its way to our dining table, food undergoes a process of quality control first. This food standard is set up to ensure that the edible products consumers buy from the market or an establishment will be free from any health concerns. In the United States, a growth in the food safety sector has become evident due to the Food Safety Modernization Act, as well as other factors. Thus, the jobs sector has seen a rise in the demand for professionals who are trained in food safety and regulations.