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How to Kep your Teeth Healthy During the Holidays

It’s that time of year again when there are sugary baked goods and homemade food everywhere you turn. This may be good for your taste buds but not so much for your teeth. Eating too much excess sugar can cause cavities which can lead to even more dental problems in the future. We’re here to help you and your teeth through the holidays with our holiday dental tips.

Are Teeth Whitening Strips Safe?

Everyone is looking to get a brighter whiter smile, but can getting that smile harm your teeth? There are many at-home products that can brighten up stained teeth. Whitening strips are the most popular at-home remedy, because they deliver quick results. Whitening strips are also typically less expensive than other at-home whitening tools. The biggest concern people have is if whitening strips are safe for their teeth. The general answer is yes, but there are a few exceptions to this rule.

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How to Choose a Dentist

Step 1: Location

You want the office to be close to work, home, and school. Things change all the time, having a dentist that’s close and easy to locate can take out a lot of the hassle. Hours matter to as well. People are all up early and out the door and don’t stop all day, having dentistry with flexible hours is a redeeming quality. You also want the office to appear clean. Is it its own separate building? Or in a mall? Is it well lit and give off a welcoming vibe? No one particularly enjoys going to the dentist, but going to an inviting place can make it seem like less of a task.