How to Spot the Symptoms of Alcoholism

symptoms of alcoholism
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Becoming an alcoholic is an extremely difficult thing to overcome, so it’s important to know the symptoms of alcoholism before it’s too late. Drinking problems can come quickly, especially if you are over consuming your alcohol to cope with a difficulty in your life. Most people don’t realize when their drinking is out of control, so knowing the symptoms of alcoholism could save you, a family member, or a friend from going down a dangerous path.

Alcoholism is due to many factors such as your genetics, social environment, age, and your mental and emotional state. People with family members who are or were alcoholics are at a much greater risk of becoming an alcoholic. Also, young adults with low self-esteem who are regularly around others who drink will likely be peer pressured into drinking as well. The cause of alcoholism is not entirely known, but knowing the factors and symptoms that lead to it are important to keep yourself and others safe.

Here are some symptoms of alcoholism:

  • You are embarrassed or ashamed about your drinking habits
  • You don’t tell the truth about your drinking habits
  • You frequently drink alone
  • You feel obligated to consume alcohol in order to feel happy or relaxed
  • Your friends or family members are concerned about your drinking
  • You drink more frequently than intended or larger quantities than intended
  • You often “Black Out” or forget the things you did while drinking
  • You begin to skip activities such as school, work, sports, or hobbies because of your drinking
  • Expressing your ability to easily stop drinking but continuing to drink
  • Your drinking begins to affect your amount of energy and ability to focus
  • You continue to drink even when you know it is affecting your relationships
  • You begin to experiment with your alcohol consumption by mixing it with prescription drugs or other dangerous substances
  • You neglect personal hygiene, and change eating habits

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s important to learn about the ways to stop the drinking from getting worse, and look into the available treatment options in your area.