Sunburns are Bad for your Health

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You may not be thinking about sunburns in early February, but many people get them on the first warm day of the year, which will be upon us in no time. When exposed to the sun for a long period of time, the sun’s ultraviolet radiation has quite a harming effect on the human body, leading to sunburn and long term health problems. Sunburns can be very painful, but you don’t have to suffer through it long if you get one if you follow these instructions:

Don’t scratch It!

It hurts, and it’s quite often very itchy, which makes people want to scratch it. Scratching it doesn’t help accelerate the healing process contrary to popular belief, and can damage new skin growth on the injured area. Instead, you should try these things:

  • Take a cold shower and use a moisturizing soap if it’s not too painful. It will help chill the affected area and bring down your body’s overall temperature to a comfortable level. After the shower, dry off your body as gently as possible.
  • Use some over the counter Aloe gel to help moisturize the burned area. There are plenty of other topical medicines you can buy that will soothe the pain, but something that moisturizes your body will be the most effective at speeding up the healing process and providing the most relief.
  • Stay out of the sun for as long as possible. During the healing period, your body is much more sensitive than before the burn, and a few minutes out in the sun can do as much damage as an hour. Stay indoors, wear comfortable loose fitting clothing, and if you need to go outside, be sure to apply 20 proof or higher sunscreen to any exposed areas.

As you continue to recover, be sure you drink plenty of water. Your body needs plenty of fluids to heal over the next few days, so keep a water bottle nearby.