Resources for Getting in Shape This Winter

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Winter has only begun and we have several more months of it before we can finally hit the beach come spring and summer. When winter sets in, that’s when we transition into “hibernation mode.” I’m guilty of it, as well. Eating and sleeping almost becomes routine when it is too cold to do anything else outside. But regardless, I know that staying fit throughout the winter is just as important as it is any time of year. Often times, we start exercising around January because of the New Year’s resolutions we make or because of the next beach trip we have planned, but then we struggle to stick with it. Here are my tips to staying fit during the winter season:

  1. Consider buying a gym pass. A lot of people prefer not to do this because it requires that you pay a fee to use their services, however, if you shop around, you can find some great deals or packages that are inexpensive. Planet Fitness, for example, offers $10/month packages with limited services and $20/month for all services, including tanning, use of massage chairs, and discounted rates in their stores. Do some shopping around and consider it!
  2. Create a realistic diet. Stop eating as much junk, but you don’t have to stop altogether. Sweets are okay from time to time, but you should create a a diet that is realistic and also inexpensive. Cut down on carbs (I know, it’s hard), but take a look at these resources that might help:
    1. 21 Low-Carb Dinners That Will Keep You Warm This Winter
    2. 14 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan for the Whole Family
  3. Don’t eat out as much. This subtle change can help you a lot. If you avoid eating out, you avoid all those extra calories that come with eating large portions during dinner. Eating out is also expensive. Why not spend that money on healthier food items at the grocery store?
  4. Do push-ups or sit-ups during commercials. If you’re a TV show binger like me, then you know lounging on the couch and watching endless episodes of your favorite TV show is the best past time–but also the most unhealthy. Create a routine that every time a commercial comes on, do 10 push-ups or 10 sit-ups (or both). Now, if you’re a Netflix binger, then that’s a different story. In this case, I recommend during a push-up or sit-up routine at the opening and ending credits of the show.
  5. Run. Cardio is such a great work out. It not only gets you in shape, it also relieves stress. You can do this inside our outside, though exercising in the winter outside is probably not recommended.

Exercising and staying fit, especially with the upcoming holidays and afterward, is quite the task. It will take a lot of endurance and perseverance. That’s really all you need. Now all I need is to keep up with staying fit so I can plan my vacation through 710 Beach Rentals to travel to San Diego this summer.