Reasons Why Traveling Is Good For Your Health

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We all catch the travel bug once in a while even if we’re prone to being a homebody. We see beautiful destinations on television and on the internet and immediately start arranging for our next vacation. Traveling has been proven to be good for your health too! Here are some reasons why traveling is good for you in more ways than one.

Lowers stress

While you’re on vacation, you’re happy. When you’re happy, your endorphins are flowing and making you all around more relaxed and less stressed. You’re traveling somewhere you’ve been excited about for awhile, you aren’t at work or school, and you’re probably doing something you love. A study has even shown that 89% of people show a drop in stress just two days after they arrive at their┬ádestination.

Keeps you fit

Think about any of the recent vacations you’ve had. You probably did something active whether it was hiking, a water sport, or biking. You also walk everywhere or swim when you’re at a beach destination. We’re more likely to hike or walk around and enjoy the scenery than we are at home. If you’re on a beach vacation, you get double the exercise because your muscles work harder walking on sand.

Makes your brain work

The more you engage with the local culture, the more your brain is working. Your brain is participating in deeper thought and understanding. It helps get your creative juices flowing when you visit art galleries, museums, or historical sites. This exposure to new things helps improve your memory and concentration.

Keeps you happy

Traveling is a serious mental health booster. Having something to look forward to can drastically shift your thinking and feel rewarding. Travelers tend to see a boost in happiness and their mood when they come back.

Boosts immune system

You’ll be exposed to nature, people, and places. This increases exposure to bacteria that will help your body increase its immune system against things it has never encountered before.

Helps strengthen relationships

If you’re traveling with a significant other, the experiences you share can bring you closer together and rekindle things. Before the trip, you’ll be communicating more during the planning process. You’ll also have plenty of time during the trip to bond because you have no other prior responsibilities. You can also strengthen friendships on vacations and get closer with people you may have lost touch with over the years.

What are you waiting for? Plan your next vacation and see the health benefits that come with it. We suggest America By Rail to see a lot of America and Canada and have fun getting there!