Reasons Why Going to the Beach is Healthy

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The beach offers a lot more than simply fun and relaxation. While these two components are positive results of taking a trip out to the coast, there are several other reasons why going to the beach produces healthy results for the body and mind.

1. Salt water is actually very theraputic for the skin, joints and muscles. Even simple sitting on the sand and letting the saltwater rush up on the skin is a healthy, relaxing thing to do.

2. The sand is a natural exfoliator. While people don’t venture to the beach to exfoliate their skin, sitting and playing in the sand can heal little nicks and cuts in the skin–and your skin will feel soft for days afterwards.

3. Unplugging yourself from your phone, music devices, and tablets is just one more reason why you should hit the beach this summer. It’s healthy to take a break from all those electronic distractions and enjoy the natural beauty of mother nature.

4. The beach brings out your senses and enhances relaxation. You can see the beautiful waters and smell the salty, windy air which sucks the stress straight from your nose. You can taste the seafood and fried food all along the shoreline restaurants and hear the crashing waves and seagulls. And lastely, you can touch the sand, the water, the shells, and more.

5. Sleeping at the beach is nothing unusual, in fact, it’s very common to find beach-goers dozing off under the shade of an umbrella or uncovered in the sun. The beach encourages sleep and relaxation, and it’s guaranteed you’ll have a great night’s sleep.

6. Vitamin D is not a rarity. Going to the beach means soaking up the natural vitamins from the sun’s rays that can make you feel refreshed and healthy.

7. Social exposure is one last reason why the beach is such a healthy place to visit. There’s people everywhere you look, even if you’re visiting a quiet, less crowded beach. It brings out the humanity in people, and encourages a fun time with family and friends.

About the Author: Lisa is a guest contributor from Shoreline OBX Vacation Rentals, offering worry-free bookings for vacation rentals along the shore.