Outdoor Adventures that Help Reduce Stress

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Stress is a common problem today. With busy working environments and even busier social lives it seems we can never catch a break anymore. This is a problem because increasing stress, mentally and physically, causes many health problems such as insomnia and loss of appetite. In some extreme cases stress can even lead to heart disease. However, if you love the great outdoors here are some fun, exciting and also relaxing outdoor adventures that can help boost adrenaline and reduce stress.

White Water Rafting

White water rafting consists of rowing down a river, generally a fast moving river with many rapids, with a team of people and a leader who knows the river. It might seem that this activity is stressful in itself, but that is just not true. There are times when the river will slow down and you can lose yourself in the beautiful nature around you, but you also don’t have to worry about it getting boring because the water will soon pick up and you get the chance to work out your stress in heavy paddling.


If you like something where you can go a little more your own pace, then hiking is for you. Hiking does not necessarily mean that you have to climb up the side of the mountain. It also includes a more relaxing trek through nature. Whereas in white water rafting you are at the mercy of the river’s current, with Hiking you are more able to go your own pace. With the fresh air and beautiful scenery, it is the perfect way to relieve some of that pent up stress. However it is not all a walk in the park, with Hiking you still get a rigorous work out and all the health benefits that go along with that.


Do you want to relieve stress and not have to work out? That is understandable as well. Fishing is another way to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful lake side scenery without the more rigorous work out. Although, you do still have a lot of movement with fishing, it is more methodical and rhythmic which allows your mind and body to relax and take in your surroundings. This rhythmic movement relieves the stress on your mind and body.

These are only a few of the many outdoor adventures that relieve stress. If you are looking for quick, easy ways to reduce stress a great first step is getting a little more fresh-air in your life.

About the Author: Sarah is a guest contributor from Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins a bed and breakfast in Washington State that offers a variety of Outdoor Adventure packages.