Is Wine Really a Healthy Option After All?

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We’ve heard it all before. We’ve heard the tips and tricks to weight loss. We’ve heard the advice on how to stay healthy. We’ve even heard what foods can actually make you live longer. People often speculate if all these diet tips and health food options are really healthy for us after all–one of the health options being a popular beverage: wine. The answer? Yes. Wine has many health benefits in moderation, making it a great health choice.

Like every diet plan and dark chocolate intake that is good for you, it’s only good for you in moderation. That being said, wine is healthy as long as you drink the alotted portion. You wouldn’t eat a 12-ounce steak every day, so keep that in mind with alcohol moderation. The rule of thumb is one drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men. Five ounces of wine is measured as one drink.

People often ask the question if wine is healthy or not, and when people ask this, often times they mean “will it help me lose weight?” Alcohol does not carry many essential nutrients, so if you are drinking a glass of wine a day, it’s best you count the calorie intake as discretionary calories. Weight loss should be subject to daily exercise and healthy eating. Nonethless, wine has been proven to have many other positive health impacts on the body, including the brain, heart, and cholesterol. That’s why you’ll often hear wine referred to as “heart healthy.” Here’s a breakdown of why wine is truly a healthy choice:

It Lowers Your Cholesterol

Though alcohol may not have necessary nutrients in most cases, it has a truly powerful effect on your HDL “good” cholesterol if you drink it moderately. Of course, this is also paired with good physical activity and a healthy diet. So if you are trying to achieve weight loss, don’t count out a 5-ounce glass of wine. It may not help you lose weight, but it can add additional value to your diet plan.

Improves Brain Function

We care a lot about our bodies (as we should), but we should also care about one of the most important organs we have: our brain. For women who drink a little wine daily, a study has shown there is a boost in brain function. In the study published inĀ The New England Journal of Medicine, moderate drinkers scored better on tests requiring mental function than those who do not drink moderately.

Helps with Heart Health

Red wine in particular helps with heart health because it contains anitoxidants that could help prevent heart disease. This goes for some other wines as well. The cholesterol benefit ties directly into this as the antioxidants help increase the HDL “good” cholesterol, thus protecting against artery damage.

About the Author: Rebecca is a guest contributor from Wine Country Inn, a Napa Valley bed and breakfast in California offering wine tours and accommodations for guests.