How To Stay Healthy During A Napa Valley Vacation

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Napa Valley is a mecca for wine and food enthusiasts, and it’s really no wonder why so many visitors tend to pack on the pounds during their relatively short stays. However, a visit to the country’s most renowned wine region doesn’t have to leave you with some unwanted souvenirs. Here’s how to stay healthy during a Napa Valley vacation without sacrificing a good time.

Watch Portion Sizes
Eat smaller portions during the day, and go for the healthy options such as oatmeal and fruit at the breakfast buffet. It’s only natural to want to experience the best of the Napa Valley food scene while you’re there, so plan on having one special meal per day and taking it easy on the other two. Keep in mind that the day’s special meal doesn’t necessarily have to be dinner — going all out at breakfast gives you the rest of the day to work off those excess calories, so consider enjoying a light meal at the end of the day rather than a fully fledged dinner. Also, take advantage of the region’s abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables and fill up on those whenever possible.

Go Biking, Hiking, or Rowing
Napa Valley offers a lot of opportunities to get your fill of physical exercise in the great outdoors. You can even find bicycle-powered winery tours along with world-class fly fishing, horseback riding, kayaking, and golf. Walk whenever possible when sightseeing in the region’s historic communities instead of riding a tour bus.

Book a Rental Home or Bed & Breakfast
Staying in a traditional hotel means eating all of your meals out, so consider booking a rental home, apartment, or bed and breakfast instead. This option allows you to prepare your own meals, shop at local farmers markets, and save going to Napa area restaurants for when you the mood or occasion calls for a splurge. Staying at a bed and breakfast with a healthy breakfast every morning, like Wine Country Inn, will ensure that you fill up on good food and be less tempted to eat unhealthy food throughout the day.

Follow the above tips and you might find yourself returning from your vacation in Napa Valley in better health than when you left.