How To Make Healthier Breakfasts

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The worst way you can do it is to wake up your body with a greasy fast food breakfast sandwich. There are so many healthy breakfast recipes out there that are both affordable and delicious. You can also put a healthy twist on traditional breakfast foods. Here are some tips to make your favorite breakfasts healthy.


There are lots of healthy cereals out there that are filling and not as bad as they look. Any kind of maple flavored granola or bunches of oats cereal tastes just like pancakes. If you love watching Saturday morning cartoons with a big bowl of cereal, try adding just a handful of your favorite sugary cereal to the top of a healthy cereal for the best of both worlds. You can also add fruit as a healthy cereal topping. Oatmeal with peanut butter and honey is also another healthier alternative to cereal.

Breakfast sandwiches

Healthy breakfast sandwiches will make you say no more to greasy fast food sandwiches. Try using baked turkey, black bean, or chicken patties instead of beef. You can also have an egg only sandwich if you’re passing on the meat, but make sure not to use too much oil or butter when cooking the eggs. Pile on the veggies and cut down on cheese or use low-fat cheese. Another alternative to a breakfast sandwich is to bake an egg inside of an avocado and top it with spices.


A warm stack of pancakes is something everyone craves once in a while. Make healthier pancakes by using wheat flour or oats instead of white flour. You can also try a three ingredient recipe using bananas. If you’re trying to fit in some protein, use protein powder in the batter and peanut butter as a topping as opposed to sugary maple syrup.


Hashbrowns and tater tots are a fast food breakfast staple, but can also leave you unsatisfied. Try using sweet potatoes when making a breakfast casserole or scramble. You can also bake red skin potatoes in olive oil instead of frying them for a healthier twist on a traditional breakfast side.

Bacon and sausage

If you can, try using the chicken, turkey, or veggie alternative to bacon and sausage. They taste just as good, fill you up and are less fatty than red meat or pork. You can also bake them in light olive oil instead of frying them for less added oils.

About the author: Emily is a guest contributor from Farmers Guest House, a Galena, Illinois Bed and Breakfast famous for their delicious breakfasts.