How to Keep Thin at Thanksgiving

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Most people’s diets are sabotaged during Thanksgiving. When the table is filled with the traditional Thanksgiving feast, it’s just futile to resist the urge to splurge! This year satisfy your cravings without packing on the pounds. You won’t feel guilty and depressed afterwards, and it’s also good for your overall health. Besides, won’t it be hard to go back to your ideal weight when the damage is done? Here are some great tips from experts on how to be guilt-free this holiday season.

Start exercising

You have exactly one week to start creating a calorie deficit before turkey day. Get active and exercise more before the feast and you can indulge a bit more next Thursday. Make it more adventurous; go on a family vacation somewhere and burn calories by joining a walking tour of tourist attractions. There are many Cape Cod vacation packages being offered during the holiday so take advantage of them.

Use fat- and sugar-free ingredients

The secret is in the recipe. Use fat-free chicken broth for the gravy. Avoid sweet desserts like cakes and have fruits instead. Don’t use too much butter or oil when cooking.

Take small portions only

When everything looks appetizingly good, carefully survey the table first and select reasonable portions of those dishes that you really like. Also, stay away from second helpings and just have them as leftovers for the next day.

Eat slowly

It takes 10 minutes for the stomach to let us know that we’re full. So eat slowly, savor the taste, and pause in between bites. You can avoid overeating and won’t feel regret after finishing your plate. Take a walk first before serving dessert to let the food digest properly first.

Limit the alcohol

Alcohol contains lots of calories than your body needs. Wine is better for diet-conscious people but having too much will have the same effect as beer or liquor. Drink water in between your alcohol intake to stay hydrated and sober.