How To Get Exercise On A Cabin Vacation

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People hit the gym to stay in shape during the year. When vacation rolls around, panic hits because the idea of missing out on workouts at the gym is demoralizing and frightening. Of course, vacation is a time to relax and enjoy time away. However, it does not have to interrupt your regular workout routine. Turn your cabin vacation in the woods into a truly wonderful way to get back to nature and enjoy staying fit. Soon, you will realize that you really don’t require a gym to workout, just your own body.

Great Exercises For Your Cabin Vacation
Jumping rope is a great way to stay fit with minimal equipment. Get a great cardio workout, after a few stretches to warm up your body. Get started by simply going out on your cabin deck and inhaling the fresh air. You will need a jump rope for this exercise. Jumping rope is an ideal way to burn extra calories, improve the cardiovascular system, and tone the entire body. If you think, jumping rope is child’s play, it is. The constant physical motion is great for your body and really gets the heart pounding. Start jumping by lifting your feet one at a time, like you were out for a pleasant jog through the woods. Don’t jump too high, just enough to make sure that you clear the rope. Your ultimate goal is to jump 500 times. Practice this exercise every other day, while on vacation.

Jogging is always a good way to take in the surrounding area and get some exercise. Jogging is an exercise that is suitable for people that are already in good shape. It’s easy to work up a sweat, simply by putting on a good pair of jogging shoes, comfortable clothing, and running around the outside of your cabin, on a cabin deck, or inside the cabin. Jogging is an easy way to stay physically fit, during your cabin vacation in the woods. Jogging improves the cardiovascular system, gets the blood pumping through your body, and improves respiratory health. In addition, jogging helps to burn off all those extra vacation calories. Try to jog about thirty minutes daily.

Finally, explore mother nature, while on a cabin vacation in the woods too. Choose a wilderness trail and just start walking and exploring for 15-20 minutes daily. If you practice these exercises, you’ll maintain your health and fitness levels throughout your entire vacation.

About the author: Kelly is a guest contributor from Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins, a bed and breakfast located within the scenic Columbia River Gorge.