How to Bring More Laughter into Your Life

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Laughter is a great dose of medicine to lower your blood pressure, blood sugar, and even stress levels. But despite knowing the health benefits of a few good laughs, the older we get the harder it is to get tickled. Laughter is actually not as spontaneous as it seems but you can find ways to contrive humor into your daily activities.

You hardly lose anything when you laugh anyway, and you will be doing yourself a lot of good in return. So why not smile and laugh more and you’ll find yourself being more positive in the way you look at life. Here are my personal tips on how I’ve added more laughter to my day. Do me a favor and start bringing these tips into action.

  1. Share a funny story about yourself.

It can be something silly or an innocent mistake that you’ve always failed to admit. Share it with a trusted friend who knows you well to find the humor in your story. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about and knowing to laugh at yourself is the first step to self-acceptance and moving forward in life.

  1. Watch comedies.

Don’t be drawn to soppy drama and brutal action movies and turn the channel to a light-hearted show. Netflix displays movies based on genres and you can take your pick from whichever decade you fancy. Go to a live stand-up comedy show and make it the job of the person on stage to make you laugh.

  1. Go on a vacation.

Life can be monotonous and mundane so spice it up by going on a beach or mountain getaway. Stay at an oceanfront bed and breakfast and sit back and relax while you sip your morning cup of coffee. A great recommendation is Dockside Guest Quarters in York, Maine. Or if you’re into the beauty of green state parks, try the Hocking Hills where you’ll find a variety of outdoor activities such as ziplining, biking, and kayaking. Stay at a rustic log cabin at the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls. Maybe a therapeutic massage would do your stressed muscles some good too.

  1. Laugh even in serious situations.

It sounds like a conflict because it’s not easy to find anything pleasant out of a serious situation. But knowing how to find the silver lining is the key to coping with difficult situations. Of course, know the right time to laugh or joke about something. When you’ve shed a good laugh, you’ll realize that a little laughter goes a long way in brightening things up.