A Hot New Exercise Trend

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For trendy fitness enthusiasts, hot yoga is one of the hottest trends around! And by hot, we mean HOT! These Bikram yoga classes are often taught in rooms that reach temperatures of over 100 degrees. It sounds pretty uncomfortable at first, so why are fitness pros, celebrities, and athletes flocking to hot yoga regimens? Here are a few of the benefits of hot yoga.

1. Vitality

No matter what your age, hot yoga is a great way to feel younger. The breathing exercises that are an integral part of  yoga help to stimulate blood flow and give you more energy. 

The heat associated with Bikram yoga also helps to alleviate joint pain. Warming up your muscles allows for flexible motion that isn’t always possibly under normal settings, so you can experience increased flexibility after just a couple of sessions. This can lead to alleviating many aflictions such as arthritis, back pain, headaches, or other things that may be bringing you down in your daily life.

2. Detoxification

A 90-minute session of hot yoga can burn up to 1000 calories, making it a popular choice for yoga lovers who want to shed some weight. Hot yoga followers also sweat profusely during each session, ridding their bodies of all of the toxins that creep into the body in our lives.

Yoga is also a great practice to rid yourself of mental and emotional toxins. The relaxing and balancing act of yoga allows you to center your mind and de-stress.

3. Healing

Aside from its effects on bodily pain, hot yoga has also been linked to reducing many other health conditions. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, thyroid regulation issues, diabetes, depression, and more can be abated with regular sessions of Bikram yoga.

If you’re looking for a workout to mix up your routine, or would like to experience one of these amazing benefits, it’s becoming increasingly easy to find a hot yoga studio near you. Of course, Bikram yoga is not a cure for disease, and you should consult your doctor before beginning on this or any other fitness regimen.