Healthy & Delicious Wedding Dishes

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Deciding what type of foods you want to serve on your big day is a tough decision. Weddings bring together different people who like different foods. Even though it is a tough decision, you can never go wrong with a healthy choice! Read below to view some healthy food options to serve at your wedding.

Cocktail Hour

Usually, cocktail hour is full of snack sized dishes that are mostly high in carbs and sodium. People can snack on other options that are still filling!

  • Lettuce wraps – To avoid the carbs in wraps and finger sandwiches, replace the bread with lettuce! There are so many options that you can choose to fill up the inside of the wraps. For example, you could fill the lettuce wraps with a chicken, vegetarian, or vegan mixture.
  • Fruit and veggie bar – Having a fruit and veggie bar allows the guests to pick out their own custom healthy snack. Fruits are healthy because they are low in calories and have a good dose of vitamin C. Vegetables are also low in calories and have vitamin C and A.
  • Sushi – Sushi is a healthy and filling alternative to fatty snacks. The health benefits of sushi include good sources of vitamins, antioxidants, and omegas.
  • Edamame – This is a healthy finger food option to serve to your guests. Not only is it delicious when salted, but it is very healthy because it is high in proteins, energy, and minerals.

Main Course

Instead of having bread as the side for your main dish, choose a salad instead! Another way to make your wedding main course meal healthy is to have your food farm-to-table style. This ensures that you are serving the healthiest and freshest food options to your guests.

  • Fish – Serving fish for the entree is a really healthy decision. You could serve salmon, tuna, tilapia, or white fish. Check out this broiled salmon recipe and this tuna steak recipe.
  • Seafood pasta – This is a filling dish that you could serve to your guests. You could substitute regular pasta for whole grain pasta or even angel hair pasta as a healthy alternative.


Dessert is tricky because everyone loves their sweets. Here are alternative ways to fix the sweet tooth craving!

  • Frozen yogurt – Frozen yogurt has been a healthy alternative to ice cream for a while. Frozen yogurt has health benefits including the fact that it is part of your balanced diet and it is good for your digestive system.
  • Parfaits – This is another frozen dessert that is tasty! With yogurt or sorbet, granola, and fruit, it makes for the perfect treat that is also sweet. Granola is good for you because the fatty acids in them help your heart.

About the Author: Tina is a guest contributor from Silver Birches, a lake front resort that hosts lake front weddings in Pennsylvania.