Health Benefits of Swimming

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If you are not fond of sweating it out in the gym but still want a good workout, then swimming might just be right for you. Swimming is a low-impact, low-cost activity and having this as a routine exercise will gain you plenty of health and mental benefits.

Promotes heart fitness

The heart is the most important muscle in our body, and swimming is an aerobic activity that can give it a good exercise. Your heart will pump blood more efficiently with improvements of up to 18 percent, which leads to better circulation and blood pressure. Studies show that swimming for half an hour a day can cut coronary heart diseases by almost 40 percent.

Improves muscle tone and burns calories

Besides increasing strength, swimming can also firm every muscle in your body without the stress on the joints. Imagine burning 500 calories per hour with much fewer risks of injury compared to running or strength training. That’s because water makes you weightless when you’re in it so your joints can have some vacation while you’re working out. Water is also 800 times denser than air, so every push, kick, and pull is a resistance workout for your body. You’ll build lean muscles while burning calories at the same time.

Reduces stress and builds brain power

Like other aerobic exercises, swimming helps your body release feel-good chemicals called endorphins throughout your body. Feel that “natural high” and relaxation as you complete your laps—just like your body’s response when performing yoga. Your body stretches, your muscles relax, and taking deep breaths help relieve stress. If you’re stress-free, the brain is able to replace those stressed and dead brain cells leading to stronger brain cells.

Increases your flexibility

Like yoga, swimming lets you do a wide range of motion to keep your joints and ligaments flexible. Your arms make wide arcs, you twist your head and spine side by side as you swim, your legs swift through the water as you swim. Your body gets a good stretch from head to toe, and as your body gets used to your swimming routine, the more balance and flexibility you will achieve.

Helps people with asthma

Breathing problems can be prevented by swimming because of the exercise you are giving to your lungs. You’ll also learn proper breathing techniques to make asthma symptoms disappear. People with snoring problems can also benefit from swimming.

If you’re looking for an exercise regime, why not go for swimming? Even when you’re older, you can still keep on making waves in the pool. It’s also a great family activity because both young and old can share their interest in this water sport. So the next time you’re on vacation in North Myrtle beach, look for a rental property with a pool so you’re always healthy even when traveling.