Health Benefits of Spas

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The spa is the perfect place to unwind, kick back, and relax as you get pampered. Spa treatments like hot tubs, massages, manicures, pedicures, and facials are a perfect way to treat yourself after a stressful week, or just because. Spa treatments are not just for pampering yourself whenever you need to de-stress. Spa treatments actually have many healthy benefits during and after the treatment. Here are a few ways that spa treatments can link to better physical and mental health.

Hot Tub

Hot tubs mean that you are surrounding your body in hot water, hence the name. This could sound unappealing to some, but appealing to people who have sore muscles. The heat from the hot water causes muscle relaxation within the body, allowing the muscles to heal after being sore. The hot water causes more circulation sending therapeutic heat throughout the body. Another benefit of hot tubs is that sitting in hot water makes your body sleepy. If you have trouble sleeping, sitting in a hot tub for a while can help you get deeper sleep. Our body weight is lighter while in water, and they also tend to float easier when in water. The benefit of this is that it allows people to get a break from carrying all of their body weight around. This can help with back and joint pain. Taking a break from being on your feet for most of the day floating in a hot tub can relieve joint and back pain.


Just like sitting in a hot tub, massaging is a great way to get muscle relaxation throughout the body. A massage is a perfect way to relieve muscle soreness as well. Another benefit of getting a massage is that it allows more blood circulation throughout your body. The benefit of this is that it allows more oxygen to different parts of your body. Getting a massage also helps release serotonin, a chemical in your brain that makes you feel good. Getting a massage every once and a while also helps deal with stress and anxiety.


Your skin is the most precious organ of your body, since it is on the outside instead of within. Facials are beneficial because they help open up clogged pores, moisturize, and cleanse the skin. Some facials can even treat wrinkles and fine lines due to the aging of the skin. But most importantly, getting facials can add nutrients that your skin needs in order to stay healthy.

About the Author: Amy is a guest contributing author from The French Manor Inn and Spa, a hotel and bed and breakfast in Pennsylvania that offers event holdings and amenities including spa treatments.