Health Benefits of Horseback Riding

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Horseback riding is fun and exciting. Even if you are going slow, it is really something to be sitting up high on a horse. A plus to horseback riding is that the trails are beautiful and it is a great way to experience something new as well as taking in all the sights and sounds around you. If you have never been horseback riding you might not understand how fun it can be, but that is not the only benefit. Horseback riding can actually be good for your health as well as good fun. Here are just some of the great health benefits you get from horseback riding.

  • Stabilizing your core: Horseback riding takes a lot of balance. You might not even realize it, but riding helps you strengthen and stabilize your core, which in turn improves the stability of your back.
  • Cardio: Riding one of these large animals can really get your heart racing, r103but not just because of excitement. Riding is really a full body workout, especially when you pick it up to a trot or a run.
  • Mental Exercise:  Riding can improve your problem-solving skills because you have to think quickly when you are in control of such a large animal. Also, it improves your confidence. Being able to handle yourself around a horse and in riding situations is not easy and successfully gaining the skill of horseback riding can boost confidence in yourself.
  • Muscle tone: Your core is not all that is affected. A rider’s thighs and pelvic muscles get a huge workout, as well, because that is the base of control and stability while riding.
  • Coordination: It is not easy controlling these large animals. They often can have a mind of their own, but working with a horse, and learning how to steer and control it can improve your coordination.

The benefits of riding can be physical and mental giving you a true full body workout. It is not easy to learn right away, but it is definitely worth trying. If you are looking for some trails in northeast Ohio check out Whispering Pines Bed &Breakfast. They have miles of trails on which you can learn how to ride or if you are already experienced you can just enjoy the ride. If you are looking to vacation, they also have amazing accommodations including a hot breakfast in the morning.