Health Benefits of Facials

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When you go to a spa, it feels good to get a deep cleansing facial. Getting the dirt out that’s been clogging your skin lets your skin feel soft and new again. Facials do more than make your skin feel good, they’re very beneficial to your skin’s overall health. Here are the health benefits of facial treatments.

Helps relieve stress

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in a comfy chair while a spa technician makes your skin feel new again. Facials can help you calm down and think about other things than stress. If your body feels good, your mind will too. Studies have shown that stress can cause acne. A relaxing facial can help reduce the appearance of acne, which helps you be in a better mood.

Improves circulation

Poor circulation in the blood under your skin can result in loosing your skin’s natural glow. Think about how you look after a recent workout. Your skin looks healthier. When your face is massaged by a spa technician, it helps stimulate the blood flow and gives your skin new life.


Getting regular facials helps boost collagen production. Collagen is what helps make your skin look youthful and bright. Most facials use anti-aging properties, like antioxidants. Just having overall healthy skin reduces aging factors significantly. There’s no need to get expensive plastic surgery if you treat your skin to a facial.

Reduces Acne and Blackheads

The deep cleaning allows your skin to be clean down to the center of your pores. This helps minimize your pores and minimize the gunk that builds up in them. Your skin will adsorb the products used in a facial and stay cleaner for longer. However, this doesn’t mean facials help all types of acne. Consistently visiting a spa for a facial can help reduce pimples here and there and clean out your pores.

Skin Education

Your spa technician will educate you on the products they use and how they help your skin. This can help you integrate the right products into your own skincare regimen and what to avoid for your skin type. Once you start making regular trips to the spa, the technician will get to know your skin and offer tips and recommendations for when you’re having a breakout or other problems.

Head to a spa right now to get what your skin needs to stay healthy. Visiting a spa on vacation to get a facial is the best way to relax during your getaway. If you’re looking for a spa that offers facials in the Poconos, The French Manor Inn and Spa lets you indulge your senses with their wide array of services.