Health Benefits of Alaska Salmon

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Alaska is known for its robust salmon fishing industry. Wild-caught salmon from Alaska has an array of health benefits. Farmed salmon may have growth hormones or unnatural chemicals that you shouldn’t put in your body. Wild-caught salmon is filled with vitamins and omega 3s that are good for your health. Here are the health benefits of having fresh, Alaskan salmon in your diet.

Improves brain health

Omega 3 foods have been shown to improve memory and your overall brain function. Alaskan salmon is very rich in omega 3s. It also helps reduce the risk of certain brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and depression. This also leads to new cell growth and clearing of waste in your brain. Some studies even show a link between omega 3 intake and IQ.

Lowers blood pressure

People who eat Alaskan salmon often have lower blood pressure. This high-protein and low-fat food is a natural way to lower your blood pressure. Alaskan salmon helps maintain weight control which, in turn, leads to lower blood pressure. It can also lower cholesterol and slow arterial plaque growth.

Boosts immune system

Alaskan salmon is filled with not just omega 3s and protein, but also vitamin E and calcium. All of these nutrients are great for boosting your immune system. The vitamin D in salmon helps kill bad bacteria and viruses. Next time you feel a cold coming on, eat salmon for dinner.

Promotes eye health

The vitamin B, vitamin D omega 3s in wild-caught Alaskan salmon have been shown to protect your eyes. Vitamin B niacin, in particular, is good for reducing the risk of cataracts. If you experience dry eye problems, the omega 3s in Alaskan salmon can also reduce the risk of dry eyes.

Supports weight loss

Alaskan salmon is a fish that is high in protein, which is key to losing weight. The omega 3 fatty acids help you feel full longer and without eating a huge portion.  It also helps combat diseases like obesity and diabetes. A piece of salmon for lunch can help curve cravings until dinner time.

The omega 3s and other nutrients found in Alaskan wild-caught salmon have been proven to help almost every part of your body. Integrating salmon into your diet at least twice a week can have a positive change in your health. Once you see the improvement in your overall health, you won’t ever go back to a diet without salmon.

About the Author: Ali is a guest contributor from Alaska Garden Gate B&B and Cottages, situated in the mountains of Palmer, AK near the Susitna River, perfect for Alaskan salmon fishing.