Find Medical Scrub Uniforms That Work For You

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If you work in a doctor’s office, hospital, or any sort of medical facility, chances are you might be a person who wears medical scrubs or nursing uniforms. With plain pants and tops, you get minimal say in fashion and there’s not much opportunity to stand out. But wait. Who said boring ‘ol blue is your only option? Who says you can’t be the trendsetter of the office?

Scrub Patterns That Stand Out

There are a number of trusted and favored scrub brands that health care professionals resort to when purchasing medical scrubs, but there numerous smaller companies that sell awesome scrubs to the public. Here are a few pattern ideas for your next purchase:

  • Solid Colors: Blue is the industry standard, but there are many creative colors to choose from to outfit your wardrobe including magenta, teal, olive, granite, and violet.
  • Patterns: There are many different pattern prints to choose from when it comes to medical scrubs that are not over the top including flower fever patterns, polka dots, stripes, and more.
  • Sports Teams: Got a big game day coming up? Want to represent your favorite team at work? Many medical scrubs suppliers design scrubs for NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB fans. These come in unisex, so men and women can both represent on game day (or any other day).
  • Animal: Everyone loves animals, so why not sport them at work. Scrub uniforms with animal prints are one of the most popular non-traditional options available, and there are many great ones to choose from.
  • Cartoon: Whether you’re into SpongeBob, Batman, Hello Kitty, or Betty Boop, there are many cartoon related medical scrubs to choose from. Simply do a search for what you’re looking for and start browsing!