Cayman Island Vacation Safety Tips

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The beauty of the Cayman Islands is unquestioned. Consisting of three islands (Cayman Brac, Little Cayman, and the Grand Cayman) these islands are quite popular for the cruise ship crowd as well as couples and families looking for an amazingly relaxing vacation.

These islands offer more than just their natural beauty. Georgetown, on Grand Cayman, is also known for its wonderful shops and great dining. But with all the beauty, fun and excitement, just how safe are the Cayman Islands?

The first thing to know and understand is that you are traveling to another country. You will find that while many laws are similar, the ability to police these laws can sometimes be much more difficult than in the United States. While the Cayman Islands have proven to be one of the safer places to visit, they are not without their fair share of troubles.

If you are coming to the Cayman Islands via a cruise ship, pay attention to the excursions you choose. Most cruise lines offer excursions that are safe but obviously charge higher prices. Choose excursions where more than just yourself and a few others are involved. Avoid remote areas.

Georgetown, on the Grand Cayman, is the hub of activity. If your plan is to vacation there, do some research as to which resort to stay and its location. The Residences Seven Mile Beach is a great safe option if you’re looking to stay in a vacation rental. Driving on the island will be different too, as you drive on the left side of the road. For this reason, it is common to find yourself in a fender bender. So be careful and be prepared.

As with any place you travel, there are a fair number of incidents of robbery and assault. Pickpocketers do the most damage, so be aware. Keep your wallet out of harm’s way, perhaps in your front pocket and be sure your purse is closed at all times. Be smart about where you walk at night, especially coming from a bar or restaurant. Know your surroundings.

Along those same lines, while at a bar, do not leave your drink unattended or with strangers you may have just met. Be careful when accepting snacks or even cigarettes from strangers. If your plan is to take a romantic walk on the beach at night, again, know your surroundings.

The Cayman Islands is a magical place, but as with any place you travel, be smart and know where you’re at.