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Veterinary Medicine: Animals Need Supplements Too!

Typically, when one thinks of what types of animals veterinarians treat, one’s mind goes to dogs and cats, also known as canine and feline medical specializations. Many natural health supplements are can be used in canine patients. However, there exists an extended list of other types of animals veterinarians can specialize in treating. Some are very large, some much smaller and some are very exotic.

One type of veterinary discipline, which focuses on large animals, is bovinae medicine. This biological subfamily consists of a group of 10 large animals, which include bison, cattle, water buffalo, American buffalo, antelopes and yak. Although these animals can be very different in size and characteristics, they all fall under this category despite the obscurity of the relationships between each animal. Although they are similar to horses in some ways, it is not suggested that they be given horse supplements. They are generally classified by characteristics including cloven hoofs and horns, which are often noted in males but sometimes less noticeably in females as well.