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How to Have a Healthy Vacation

Travelers usually tend to get overwhelmed with excitement when they go on vacation. When traveling to your destination, it is often that travelers find themselves getting sick and eating outside of their diet, even if they try their hardest to avoid doing so. Although it is hard to keep self control when indulging into a new and unfamiliar place, it is possible that you can still have a healthy and fit vacation. This article informs you on a few ways to stay healthy while on vacation.

Resources for Getting in Shape This Winter

Winter has only begun and we have several more months of it before we can finally hit the beach come spring and summer. When winter sets in, that’s when we transition into “hibernation mode.” I’m guilty of it, as well. Eating and sleeping almost becomes routine when it is too cold to do anything else outside. But regardless, I know that staying fit throughout the winter is just as important as it is any time of year. Often times, we start exercising around January because of the New Year’s resolutions we make or because of the next beach trip we have planned, but then we struggle to stick with it. Here are my tips to staying fit during the winter season:

How Often Should You Get a Massage?

Massage therapy is one of the many beneficial therapeutic options you can choose from at a spa or a practice that specializes in massage and aroma therapy. People who get massages for their first time realize the effects immediately, and then they start to question how often a person should actually receive a massage. It’s a great question, as massages are healthy and beneficial for your muscles.

Cardio Exercises For Limited Mobility Fitness

Engaging in heart healthy exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy heart and a long life. The mood boosting powers of exercise are just as important, as exercise can ease depression, stress, anxiety, increase self-esteem, and improve a person’s overall outlook on life. For those with limited mobility, participating in cardiovascular activities may seem more difficult. However, there are many creative and easy to do workouts for people with disabilities. 

Why Pedaling around Town is the Best Way to Travel

There are plenty of reasons as to why bike riding is the way to go in today’s society. Bike riding is one of the best forms of exercise for your body, as it puts little impact on your joints. It isn’t weight bearing so you can often bike no matter what your aches and pains are during running or walking. It also helps the environment, cutting down on car exhaust that is released into the air. Cycling is also a great way to increase your exercise if you are out of shape. With cycling being less impactful than running or walking, individuals can bike further than they could walk/run. This encourages people to stick with the activity, motivating them to continue and making them feel good about themselves.

7 Great Activities for a Healthy Heart

Like the other muscles in our body, the heart also needs a good workout to stay strong and healthy. Being physically active can also reduce calories, lower your blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol, and boost good cholesterol. That’s why people who exercise and get on their feet are less likely to get coronary heart diseases than those who don’t.

Health Benefits of Swimming

If you are not fond of sweating it out in the gym but still want a good workout, then swimming might just be right for you. Swimming is a low-impact, low-cost activity and having this as a routine exercise will gain you plenty of health and mental benefits.

How to Stay Fit After Marriage

As you stare at your wedding photo, you might be wondering what happened to that slim and gorgeous person looking back at you. It is common for some couples to gain weight after tying the knot since the days of trying to impress are over. Thus, they neglect exercise and ignore the pants that don’t fit anymore. But it’s not just about staying slim that’s important; you also have to watch your diet for your own health’s sake. Follow these tips to keep looking sexy for your partner!

Pool Workouts for Swim Season

It was a long, cold winter, and many of us have packed on a few extra pounds while trying to stay warm! Spring is here and it’s time to think about getting back into shape for the summer. Whether you’ll be working at a pool or just want to look good on the beach, we have a water exercise plan for you! Working out in the pool is an excellent way to tone and strengthen all parts of your body without the joint stress of normal aerobic activities. The addition of fun workout equipment like beach balls and pool noodles only makes the workout better – holding a beach ball engages arms and core, while pool noodles’ buoyancy creates an opportunity for resistance training.

Fight Back Against Lower Back Pain

A recently-published study in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases has reported that lower-back pain is the number one cause of years lost due to disability. In this instance, disability was calculated by adding the number of years “lost due to an early death and the number of years lived with disability.” The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke previously reported that lower-back pain costs Americans $50 billion annually.

Chronic back pain is a major source of concern in the developed world, for two reasons: it reduces productivity, and its treatment is not simple or easy. TIME reports that one in ten people suffers from lower back pain. Office workers regularly sit at their desks for six hours each day, leaving them stiff and sedentary for a good portion of their waking hours each day of the week.