Best Types of Office Chairs for Your Back

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There is evidence everywhere that says sitting in a chair for eight to nine hours at work is not good for your back. Sitting in an upright position, even if you have good posture puts a lot of pressure on your lower back which can cause problems for you later on in life. So what can you change about having to sit all day? Get a new job? Of course not, just get a new chair. There are some office chairs that are better than others for comfort and support. Here are the top five office chairs for your back, from most expensive to least expensive.

  1. Embody Chair by Herman Miller: This is the first chair made with a health-positive design and has won many awards including the Silver award from NeoCon and a Best Tech award.
  2. Herman Miller Aeron Chair: This was the very first chair to feature a woven seat and back without any cushions. This chair comes in different sizes so that it can fit you and support you perfectly.
  3. Haworth Zody Chair: This is the only chair to ever get an endorsement from the American Physical Therapy Association. The chair has multiple different adjustments so it can cater to your specific problem areas and help give you support.
  4. Sayl Chair by Herman Miller: This chair was inspired by the Golden Gate bridge and takes into account style as well as functionality. This is one of the cheaper, back-safe chairs at just under $500.
  5. Alera Elusion Swivel Chair: This chair has the best reviews for its comfort in its price range. The Alera chair is just under $200 and if you are looking for support, but are on a budget, then this is the chair for you.

One thing you will notice with all of these chairs is that they have little to no cushioning on the back of the chair. This is because having too much cushion actually causes you to sink into your chair and have bad posture; bad posture increases the stress on your back. If you are looking for a new office chair or any type of new office furniture, check out Corporate Office Interiors, a premier office furniture dealer in Michigan.