Are Teeth Whitening Strips Safe?

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Everyone is looking to get a brighter whiter smile, but can getting that smile harm your teeth? There are many at-home products that can brighten up stained teeth. Whitening strips are the most popular at-home remedy, because they deliver quick results. Whitening strips are also typically less expensive than other at-home whitening tools. The biggest concern people have is if whitening strips are safe for their teeth. The general answer is yes, but there are a few exceptions to this rule.

Before you purchase teeth whitening strips, it is important to look at the ingredients. Teeth whitening strips that are safe contain peroxide, which bleaches the yellow color from your teeth and turns them back to white. These strips are made of a thin, elastic plastic called polyethylene which is coated with the peroxide. This peroxide comes in contact with your enamel when applying the strips to your teeth. However, if you find whitening strips that contain chlorine dioxide, this ingredient can destroy the enamel on your teeth. Chlorine dioxide wears down the enamel and increases your risk of tooth decay, so stay away from whitening strips that contain this ingredient.

It is also important to follow the instructions when using whitening strips. Keeping the strips on for too long, or applying them more often than directed can also be harmful and dissolve your enamel.

Another concern is if whitening strips are safe for everyone to use. It is always important to consult with your doctor prior to using any cosmetic formulation in the body. Individuals who wear braces, take any medical prescriptions, have filings/crowns, or are pregnant, should check with their doctor before using whitening strips.

So, are teeth whitening strips safe to use? When used as directed and finding safe ingredients in the strips, than they are safe to use on your teeth. To learn more about different types of whitening strips check out this website.