All About the Most Important Meal of the Day

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Doctors have advised time and time again to eat breakfast because we need the energy and nutrients it brings to start our day. Plus, studies show that having breakfast can actually help to maintain a healthy body weight. That’s because hunger sets in before lunchtime and we tend to munch on something high in fat and sugar, causing us to eat unhealthily and gain unwanted pounds. Besides, having breakfast increases our concentration so we can devote our minds and bodies to work or school. 

How to make eating breakfast a daily routine

We usually skip breakfast because of lack of time to make it. The next resort would be going to a drive thru at a fast-food joint, which is not necessarily beneficial to our body. So here are some easy and practical pointers on how you can prepare your own healthy breakfast at home.

  1. To achieve a balanced meal, always have a combination of bread and grain, milk or milk product, and fruit or vegetable.
  2. If you don’t have a minute to spare to sit at the breakfast table, have breakfast items that you can easily grab and go, such as granola bars, apples or bananas, and low-fat yogurt.
  3. Instead of having coffee, try orange juice or milk instead. It can be difficult for caffeine lovers to break the habit but it can be broken!
  4. An easy breakfast recipe is an omelet. Chop up the ingredients ahead of time and store them in nice little containers.
  5. You have to get up earlier, of course. Give yourself 15 minutes at most to prepare and consume breakfast.
  6. Plan your meals. Before going to bed, think of what you’re going to have in the morning so you don’t waste precious time.
  7. When traveling, you’ll definitely need the energy for sightseeing and breakfast is a must. Book a hotel that serves free breakfast to save money and you’re full and ready before leaving the door! Davidson Village Inn in Davidson, NC, is an example of a boutique hotel/bed and breakfast that serves healthy breakfast meals.
  8. Resist doughnuts and sodas. Instead, replace them with a peanut butter sandwich or waffle, boiled egg, or oatmeal bars. Overloading on sweets will only make you feel sluggish by mid-morning.
  9. Don’t fall for the “nutritious” label. Just because it says it’s healthy doesn’t really mean it is. Some cereals contain a lot more sugar than you need. Read the nutrition guide carefully and don’t fall for advertising tricks.
  10. Set a good example to your children. Skipping breakfast will make them think that it’s not important—and they can skip too. Set up a routine in the family dining table and they’ll grow up loving their breakfast!