Air Conditioner Safety Tips

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Summer is almost here. Well, maybe it’s already here for states that aren’t Michigan. As the weather begins to heat up, you’re most likely turning on your air conditioning unit more often. Air conditioners are a great way to beat the heat, but you still need to take precaution when running them. Here are some safety tips for air conditioner use this upcoming summer.

Clean your air ducts

While the EPA doesn’t have evidence that air duct cleaning completely prevents health problems tied to dirty air ducts, it’s a good thing to get them cleaned once a year especially if there’s any visible mold or dirt buildup. If you have elderly relatives, kids, or people with allergies living in the house, they can be more sensitive to allergens or poor indoor air quality. Pets, home renovations, or cigarette smoking in the house can all increase the chance of dirty air ducts. Your air conditioner is working harder when the air ducts are dirty, you can even save money in the long run by getting them cleaned. Have an HVAC technician come out to your house and clean your air ducts before your start running your air conditioning for the summer.

Check your air conditioner’s filter

According to the Department of Energy, replacing your air conditioner’s filter when it’s significantly dirty is critical. Some filters are reusable and may just require a cleaning, while others may need to be replaced completely. Replacing or cleaning an air conditioning filter can reduce dirt buildup that is carried through your cooling system and into your home. A dirty filter can also impede the air conditioner’s coils’ heat absorbing capacity, causing it to work harder and increasing your home’s energy consumption. Different air conditioning units have different maintenance regimens for their filters. If you’re not sure where your filter is located, check walls, ceilings, furnaces, or the air conditioning unit itself. You can also hire a certified technician to check your air conditioners energy performance.

Avoid air conditioning overuse

While air conditioners can help make your home feel livable in the summer, it can have some effects when you overuse it. You may be tempted to run it 24/7, but this can cause you energy bill to skyrocket and your AC unit may not last as long. Some common symptoms of air conditioning overuse include dry skin, colds, heat intolerance, and heightened allergies. Make sure to turn the system off or down at night or when you’re away to decrease the circulation of dust and dirt that can cause these problems. Switch between having the windows open when it’s not as hot outside and running the air conditioner to improve your indoor air quality.