A Few Running Plans for Beginners

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Jumping into running without a plan is like putting together furniture without an instruction manual. It doesn’t take long before you’re not quite sure what you’re doing, you give up sooner than you should, and you’re not quite sure why you got into it in the first place. Everyone should enter a training program with a set plan, and there are quite a few training programs designed for entry level runners. Here are a few of the top programs and how they can help you.

The Paavo System

If you’re a younger runner and looking for a way to beef up your running plan that doesn’t take a major toll on your body, then the Paavo plan might be your best bet. Start off the plan by timing yourself doing a one mile run. That will set the standard for what your baseline times should be for the other days of the week. Stick to just doing 20 mile weeks, and slowly work your way up to more mileage only when you feel comfortable doing so. Finally, be sure that you get your rest on your one day off, as the system is designed to have a recovery day and help you avoid injury.

Runners World Training Plan

Amby Burfoot writes one of the best articles I have read for Runners World that sums up what someone should do if their goal is to simply get in shape, boost self-confidence and not break any world records. At the same time, it contains interesting information about stride rate, EZ pace, and staying positive during training. You can read her article here.

Couch to 5K Running Plan

Just like it sounds, the Couch to 5K Running plan is designed for runners who have little to no experience of training for a 5K race, and makes it fun and easy. The plan also comes with a free app that lets you track your training and makes sure that you are on pace and ready for your big 5K race.