5 Different Ways To Exercise On The Beach

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As the weather warms up, you may start thinking about how you can lose some of those unwanted pounds you packed on during the winter. And if you happen to live near a shore or are heading out on vacation, the beach is the perfect place to get started. Here are some ways to get exercise while enjoying the sun, water, and balmy breezes on the coast.

Walk out into the ocean and start swimming. Swim parallel to the shore because it’s easier to navigate the waves without getting a nose or mouth full of water. Head in one direction for awhile, and then swim back where you started. Swimming in the ocean is more challenging and taxing than in a pool, so you’re likely to burn more calories.

Run on the Sand
Speaking of challenging, the deeper the sand, the more difficult it is to run. While running on the sand, be careful. You’re more susceptible to injuries running on or jumping around on the uneven sand. That’s why it’s advisable to run on the wet sand near the shore. Warm up by jogging for up to three minutes, then hasten your pace for the next five to seven minutes. Don’t overdo things the first time out, and make sure you stay hydrated.

Toss Frisbee or Play Volleyball
Exercise doesn’t always have to be cumbersome. Toss a Frisbee around with your spouse, friend or kids. You’ll get plenty of exercise running after the flying disc after 15-20 minutes. Participate in a few games of sand volleyball. It’s more difficult and rigorous than you think.

Perform Resistance Exercises

If you want to work on your physique near the ocean, put some sand in a couple buckets. Curl the buckets to work biceps, and raise them in front or to each side to work your deltoids. Use more sand for the larger muscles, such as one-arm rows for back. You can also perform squats or calf raises with or without the added weight.

Take a Walk
Walking is a great way to get some exercise on the beach and see the sites. You can stroll at a leisurely pace if you just want to enjoy the moment, or walk faster to burn more calories.

Don’t just soak up the sun when visiting the beach. Perform some of these exercises and start getting yourself into tip-top shape.

About the Author: Ali is a guest contributor from Rogers Inn Vacation Rentals, a vacation rental company on the Oregon coast.