5 Awesomely Active Vacation Spots

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With all of the relaxing lounge time, culinary delights, and convenience food of traveling, living healthy can seem hard to do while on vacation. When the action is packed into the destination itself though, it’s easy to get the heart rate going and be active even while enjoying the escape of a vacation. Here are our picks for the five best active vacations.

Kauai, Hawaii

This beautiful Hawaiian island offers unbelievable natural beauty with its blue skies, picturesque sunsets, and gorgeous beaches. But unlike many oceanfront destinations which focus on lounging in resorts, Kauai offers so much to explore that it’s impossible to sit still. Hiking through gorgeous rainforests to see Kauai’s majestic waterfalls and breathtaking cliff outlooks over the Pacific Ocean will give you the most worthwhile workout of your life.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

This location offers many different mountain adventures including rock climbing, rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, and hiking. There are activities and slopes for all skill levels, making this a perfect place to try something new. Jackson Hole also prides itself on being a very family friendly location, so it’s a great spot to go on a family adventure with your energetic kids.

Haines, Alaska

For extreme winter sports enthusiasts, Alaska is a dream come true. Here, you can try out heli-skiing, and access 1,200 miles of unbelievable mountain ranges by helicopter. Alaska’s scenery is also breathtaking, and the trip to reach Haines is often just as memorable as the skiing and boarding once you get there.

U.S. Virgin Islands

Water activities abound here, from snorkeling and scuba diving to swimming and sailing. The resort towns offer scuba and snorkeling for all skill levels, and there is plenty to explore no matter how much experience you have. The islands also have plenty of active opportunities on land too, with great fishing, golfing, and hiking to be had. For a combination of relaxing tropical beaches and adventurous attractions, the Virgin Islands are ideal.


Channel the spirits of Lewis and Clark as you explore the vast national park filled with untouched wilderness. Hiking trails abound, and you’ll need to give your hiking boots a serious workout in order to see even just a fraction of the beautiful sights in America’s oldest national park. You can even stay at a nearby guest ranch called Monster Lake Ranch to experience more activity with on-site horseback riding, shooting and fly fishing.